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Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management (SACCM) aims to contribute to the movement of nurturing the youth as leaders of tomorrow.


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Quality Policy

Over the very first decade of its inception, Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management has earned the repute of academic brilliance. The answer to ‘How?’ lies in the word ‘Excellence’ which has been the mantra of the college. This word may appear to be symbolic on account of its frequent usage in writing or speech but it is actually breathed and lived at SACCM. Above all, the approach of the college has never been confined to achieving a few milestones and becoming complacent rather it has been never-ending in terms of pitching pegs on the milestones one after another. In backdrop of the foregoing, the college attempts to envelope ‘Quality’ to the thrust areas reflecting its commitment to quality as follows:

  1. To continually enhance the competence of faculty in terms of enriching their knowledge base, bringing efficacy in curriculum delivery and inciting research inquisitiveness;
  2. To bring continuous improvements in students’ centric classroom processes, be it physical infrastructure well supported by e-resources or pedagogic tools, so as to stimulate an academic environment conducive to learning;
  3. To identify students’ ability levels in order to incrementally build capacities and develop capabilities to make them competent enough to sustain in the world of constant change;
  4. To upgrade as well as make additions to the existing infrastructural facilities to support and promote teaching-learning processes;
  5. To foster holistic development of the students by inculcating independent thinking, vital skills, right attitudes and constructive values in order to prepare them for a professional life and
  6. To lay down benchmarks and continually upgrade the evaluation systems so as to ensure an adequate level of academic standard contributing towards academic standing of college as well as its product i.e. the Students…the SACCMites.