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Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management (SACCM) aims to contribute to the movement of nurturing the youth as leaders of tomorrow.


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The Faculty

SACCM has an ardent and inspired faculty. It’s a chosen lot out of  the best scholars in the field of Commerce and Management derived from all over. Gold Medalists and through out first class have been brought to the College to share their knowledge and teach the skills of academic excellence to the students. In fact, the faculty is a blend of excellent academia and industry exposure, who endeavour to help students not only to do well academically, but also evolve holistically to become competent professionals, industrialists and enlightened citizens.

Quality Teaching being embedded at the base of SACCM, the members of faculty continuously seek to enhance their teaching proficiency  by widening their knowledge, bringing effectiveness  in their teaching methodologies, classroom tools and promoting research inquisitiveness among the students. SACCM has put in place a number of Faculty Development Programmes that serve as a source of encouragement for the best teachers to further augment their knowledge pursuits and cascade its immense benefits on to the students.

At SACCM, the faculty members consider service to the students as their most sacred obligation. They make every possible effort to engage with each and every student in a language that he/she can connect with and understands. Accordingly, the lectures are planned in a manner in which students can be engaged cognitively and can be moved to think, absorb, reflect and express. The faculty uses innovative teaching methods by synergizing their academic inputs, research knowledge and corporate experience to train the students on professional lines. The fillip of excellence, thus, gains enlightening momentum.

The meticulous efforts by the faculty has reflected in the outstanding academic performance of our students in the University Examinations. SACCM students have regularly outperformed others by achieving Gold Medals and positions of distinction in Panjab University Examinations year after year. The College is proud to have such an excellent faculty.