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Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy

Sri Aurobinsriaurobindo1do (August 15, 1872- December 5, 1950) was an Indian nationalist, scholar, poet, Hindu mystic, evolutionary philosopher, yogi and guru. Amongst many other philosophies such as ‘The Divine Life on Earth’, ‘Supramental Truth Consciousness’, Sri Aurobindo also propounded the concept of ‘Integral Education’. The College is based on the philosophy of Integral Education. Education is meant to bring out the best in man, to develop his potentialities to the maximum, to integrate him with himself, his surroundings, his society, his country and humanity to make him the ‘complete man’, the ‘integral man’. The purpose of education cannot be, to merely create a literate individual, or a highly informed person crammed with information and facts, or to create an individual to find a job. The more important aspects of an individual are his character, his personality and his values. The process of education must be integral.

Integral education aims at the total and complete development of the individual: a strong, supple, well formed and healthy body; a sensitive, unselfish and mature emotional nature, a positively energetic vital, an enlightened mind, a wide ranging and vibrant intelligence, a strong will, a balanced and pleasing personality; and the subtler spiritual qualities that can channelise, harmonize and direct all the different parts of an individual into a life that is beneficial to the individual and to his fellow men.

Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management (SACCM) endeavors to develop such qualities in its students. It aims at the all round development of a student’s personality-physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual. SACCM aspires to produce complete individuals for the new society.