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Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management on 11th January organized a one day workshop on case study writing and analysis for the faculty. The session was conducted by Dr. Bhavna Chhabra, Professor at IBS, Gurgaon. The workshop was informative and interactive. The faculty was able to grasp certain useful insights to enhance their teaching pedagogy.
The speaker laid emphasis on why case based teaching is the need of the hour and acquainted the members of faculty with an innovative concept of Six Thinking Hats — an approach of decision making given by Edward de Bono. Using this methodology a person can evaluate any case or situation from several perspectives and then come up with a holistic solution.
The faculty was also encouraged to engage the students by keeping them updated on contemporary issues. Certain innovative tools used at IBS to improve the quality of teaching like buddy group system, role playing and continuous evaluation were also shared. The last one hour of the session discussed at length the process of case study writing and certain potential topics on which cases can be developed were also shared. Overall the session was motivating and inspiring.