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MOU with TBIF, IIT Ropar

The institution has established an incubation center to make concentrated efforts to foster and nurture entrepreneurial culture in the institute, as well as to give exceptional young minds with a platform to concretize their dazzling and enterprising ideas.

In this direction, the College has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Incubation Centre of IIT Ropar naming “IIT Ropar Technology Business Incubator Foundation” for the guidance and mentorship. The objective of this MOU is to provide innovation and entrepreneurship driven opportunities, promoting collaboration in the field of technology and innovation, networking opportunities to startups and plays an interface between the fund raiser and investors and assistance in setting up business incubator in the institute.

It performs the following tasks:

Inviting entrepreneurs who have successfully launched a new endeavor after shunning their family’ traditional business for engagement with cell members.
Holding idea pitching sessions on the premises for a few reputable firms to familiarize and excite college students with the ideas of idea genesis, crystallization, and execution.
Introducing cell members to other institutions to compete in various competitions.
Inviting subject-matter experts.
The infrastructure required for the creation and marketing of company concepts will be built in the following phase: –

Collaborative Workspace
For idea pitching meetings, there is a presentation room.
An Idea Station where diverse ideas can be discussed in a roundtable setting.
A Seed Support System was established to fund the company ideas that were chosen by a group known as the project evaluation and monitoring committee.