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MOU with DSB EduTech Pvt. Ltd

Sri Aurobindo College of commerce and management in collaboration with DSB EduTech Pvt. Ltd. initiates to provide a platform for career management which integrates various services in the field of education, skill development and career management. It will actively build a pipeline of enterprises that are looking for interns and individuals to join their teams. The entity has two platforms empower and my through which students will get themselves register and avail the following services:

  1. Internship placement: There is an already development of long list of companies having a demand for the interns. The students can avail the benefits to grasp the opportunity by cracking interviews process. It will help the students in real time practical learning and skill enhancements.  
  2. Job Placements: There is a list of companies on the platform where a student can avail various placement opportunities through interviews.
  3. Curriculum Design: This will help in adding resourceful teaching elements by customising curriculum to help students to foster their real time learning. 
  4. Industry Training and Visits: The students will be taken to various industrial visits with the partner companies to build the confidence and equip them with the process of industrial workings so as they can have smooth transition from academic to workplace. 
  5. Skill Development Program: The MoU entails to help the students in learning the emerging technologies, soft skills development sessions to bridge the gap to fit in the workplace. 
  6. Guest Lectures:  There will be various guest lecture on one-to-one basis for the career development as well as informative lectures to keep them up to date and develop their intuitive skills.