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MOU with Alma shines

The college has sealed a memorandum of understanding with Alma shines, an organisation offering services in the form of online platform to connect with the alumni of the institute. It is the initiative taken by the college intended to have long lasting relation with the Alumnus of the college. The platforms provide various services which are as follows:

  • E-Publishing: It is a media publishing platform where any media or content related to institute can be shared by the institute themselves. It builds a strong network among the alumnus and a long-lasting relation and enhance the social presence of the institute.
  • Job Portal: It scrutinize the relevant job opportunities for the placements and builds a strong connect with the alumni for seeking referrals. 
  • Automated Mailing: The database helps to connect the dots with the networking message system to save time and effort. 
  • Peer to Peer invite: The invitations are sent to all the alumni with a single click for any seminar, events or get to together etc. 
  • Alumni Groups: It allows contextual interaction among alumni for better engagement. 
  • Event planning: It is an easy gateway to plan social events a broader level effortlessly. 

So eventually this collaboration works in favour to have a long-lasting relation through social platform with secured encrypted database to engage with the talented alumni.