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MOU with TOPXIGHT (Alpha beta Inc.)

The college has inked an MoU with TopXight Research Labs (Alpha beta Inc.)  to make deliberate efforts to build and nurture an investing and portfolio management culture in the institute, as well as to give exceptional young minds with a platform to concretize their brilliant and intuitive ideas. The rationale is to provide an immersive space to the mindful students so that they can understand the financial concepts by interacting with graphical objects, conducting experiments, making decisions observing outcomes and drawing conclusions. It will eventually equip students in the field of finance and helps them in understanding the nit and grit off the investment, portfolio management and systematic approaches towards the same. To achieve this purpose, SACCM will run 2 courses on alpha beta technology that includes introduction to investing and portfolio management and systematic approaches to equity portfolio management. Students enrolled in these courses will begin with core concepts and gradually progress to more advanced tactics incorporating both statistical and foundational methodologies. The course will take six weeks to complete. Lecture delivery will be online Via Zoom Application. 

  • Concepts are categorized into three parts: analytical (based on financial theory), quantitative (based on arithmetic), and heuristic (based on experience) (based on best practice acquired through repetition)
  • In each session, students will learn one new concept in each category and apply the same in the lab experiment 
  • Learners are exposed to a video lecture, a lab experiment (simulation), a presentation supplement, and a quiz as a learner. A module will be made up of multiple sessions.
  • Students will be given an assignment at the end of each module that will be highly dependent on the lab experiments, simulations, and reading of academic articles for course credit.
  • In many circumstances, students will be asked to do the lab experiment first, then learn what they did in class and replicate the lab experiment.
  • While lectures and presentation materials are offered, they are mostly a framework for the true learning that will emerge while using the ALPHABETA App to perform things practically and dynamically.