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The festival of Teej, rich in Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiyat was celebrated with much fanfare at Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management on August 31, 2022. This festive ocassion was given a go by, by Ms Veenu Verma, by dwelling upon the history and importance of this great Punjabi festival. Immediately after this, Principal, Prof. (Dr). Vishal Kumar along with other members of the staff lighted the candelabra. The Principal spoke about the festival of Teej in his captivating style. He talked about the historical significance of this specific festival about the daughters of Punjab. After the fest having been opened, the whole audience drenched in Punjabi lore, went fully gaga. The Teeyan Di Rani competition started wherein several rounds of different sorts took place. After the diligent observation, the judges declared Ms. Komalpreet Kaur Sekhon Teeyan Di Rani. Mehakpteet Kaur and Mitali Garg bagged second and third positions, respectively.

The campus remained in rich hues for the whole day as gallimaufry of stalls, a motley of swings and potpourri of rides zoomed the zest of all present. The students deliriously danced to the tunes of various Punjabi numbers. It was a spell binding fest. Conclusively, Ms. Amarjit Kaur presented the vote of thanks.