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In order to invoke the spirit of Indian Saint Maharishi Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, SACCM is observing the sesquicentennial (150) birth anniversary of the great seer. In the series of several festive episodes, the college organised a state level competition for schools in Literary and Fine Arts events. More than 150 participants from 20 schools across the state made the event a big show and a great success. This grand event which was held online had in toto 7 competitions like Declamation, Short Story Writing, Poem Writing, Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Cartooning and On the Spot Painting. The programme started at 9.30 AM which was organised under the aegis of college Principal (Offg.) Dr. Marinal Gupta.

Prof. Pooja Mehta, the programme coordinator, welcomed the judges and the participants. Then she dwelt upon the brief but brilliant history of the college. Dr. Marinal Gupta also extended the formal welcome to one and all. She also made an excursion into the marvels and merits that the college earned for itself during the short period of 17 years. All the participants showcased their talent to the best of their abilities.