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Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management invited BK Lalita Behanji and BK Mahesh Bhaiji, from Brahma Kumaris, on 26th July 2019 under “Shape the mind programme” to deliver a talk on the topic: ‘Positivity and Meditation’.

The lecture was conducted in two sessions- the first session was conducted by BK Mahesh Bhaiji and the later one by BK Lalita Behanji.

In the first session, the speaker started with the theme of importance and power of meditation where he emphasised on positive thinking. He talked on drug addiction and its consequences on the youth of our country. In his words, meditation is the only way to cater with such issues of drug addiction and imbibe positivity in life.

The latter half was conducted by BK Lalita Behanji, where she emphasized on their ongoing campaign- ‘Mera Bharat, Swarnim Bharat’, a 3year long campaign which was started in the year 2017. The objective of the campaign is Positivity, Cleanliness of mind and body and Meditation practice. She also talked on the overuse of mobile phones by today’s youth and its negative impact on their mind and body.

In the end, the audience practiced meditation activities on the directions of BK Lalita Ji. The session was concluded with a vote of thanks by the worthy Principal Dr. R. L. Behl. Dr Sushil Kumar – Director Education congratulated everyone for having organised this meaning and fruitful talk.