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On April 28th, 2021, The Incubation cell of SACCM, Ludhiana organized a virtual lecture on the topic “Judo Strategy” with an objective to inculcate students the concept of Judo Strategy along with many examples and anecdotal practical evidence. For this, the eminent resource person was Dr. Nakul Parameswar, Assistant Professor, Strategic Management Area, Institute of Rural Management Anand, Gujrat. Judo Strategy is a relatively established domain in the realm of Strategic Management that is gaining significance in emerging markets in the 21st century. Dr, Nakul initiated the session with the discussion of how competition has changed in the 21st Strategy. The lecture was full of knowledge and interesting facts and real-life examples. It gave deep insight into the topic of Judo strategy and how the young entrepreneurs should implement it in real life. The virtual session was attended by more than 100 participants. Overall, it was the most interactive and productive session.