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The Management Studies Honors Students of B.Com 6th Semester of Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management, Ludhiana conducted a Training and Development Quiz as a Classroom Learning Activity. The students discussed various aspects of the subject through different rounds, namely: Rapid fire, One word and Meme’s section. The student organisers Tejas Kaur, Garima Khosla, Shubhpreet Kaur, Samriddhi and Janvi Wadhwa were appreciated by the teacher coordinator Dr Meenu Singla for their brilliant efforts.

Active Participation was observed by all the students. The objective of the class activity to practice teamwork and coordination was well attained. An attempt to inculcate the course values of Promptness, Activity Based Training and Discussion Method of learning was successful. Team B was declared as the winner with a hard competition. Overall, the quiz was in line with the course and the concepts were well demonstrated by the students. Principal, Dr Vishal Kumar encouraged the students for more such activities and acknowledged the efforts of the students and subject coordinator Dr Meenu Singla. Participants were happy for their learning and team collaborations with a win-win approach. The audience ended up the activity cheering ‘Dil Maange More’.