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Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management celebrated the 147th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo Ghose. Aurobindo Acroyd Ghose was born in Kolkata, Bengal Presidency, India on 15 August 1872. The college organized a paper reading contest to mark the event. In total, 20 students took part in it, and showcased their oratory skills. The young orators were quite excited as they explored their oration to the best of their skill.

Dr. R.L Behl, Principal of the college, welcomed the judges, and in his speech he emphasized the fact that Sri Aurobindo was a yogi, a mystic, a guru, a poet, a patriot and a divine soul. Dr. Behl, acquainted the audience with the teachings of Sri Aurobindo. The judges of the event were Prof. Nerotma Sharma from Malwa College of Education, Ludhiana and Prof. Sahil Ghai from Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management, Ludhiana.

Yashika Ahuja bagged first prize, Aashray Jain got second prize and Srishti Jain hooked third prize. The young speakers were quite joyous over this achievement. Wing commander Dr Sushil Kumar, Director Education, presented vote of thanks. He stressed the fact that we need to be more humane and civilized in this world of materialism. He further advised the young orators to follow the path of steadfastness and truthfulness and success is bound to come to them.