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The Meditation Cell of Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management, Ludhiana organised an induction session on Art and Science of meditation for the students of B. Com and BBA- 1st Semester of the college on 28/08/2021 at 11 am. Around 100 students along with faculty members attended the webinar. The webinar was conducted by Mrs. Leena Bharti, core member of Vivekanand Pyramid Parivar, Ludhiana. Prof. Swati Gupta formally introduced the speaker of the day. Mrs. Leena Bharti started her session by explaining the students about the meditation and breathing technique which has no relation with the age, gender, and religion of a person. She cleared various myths related to meditation and shared one video named “Spiritual reality-the journey within” with the students. Afterwards, a practical session of meditation was initiated for 15 minutes and she explained the benefits of doing meditation on daily basis. She also explained the importance of three locks while doing meditation. Thereafter, she explained about group meditation and releasing positive vibes to nature which will come back in unexpected ways. She facilitated her session with pictures related to human mind and different thoughts. At the end, she concluded the session sharing her life experiences and answering various doubts of students. The webinar was coordinated by Prof. Swati Gupta and Prof. Esha Jain. Dr. Marinal Gupta, Officiating Principal of the college expressed the gratitude towards resource person for a wonderful session.