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In collaboration with Bullseye, the Career Guidance & Placement cell of SACCM organized a lecture on the topic “Mathematics without Pen” on 18th September 2021. Dr. Marinal Gupta, officiating Principal of SACCM, extended a cordial welcome to Ms. Preeti Chopra, the Resource Person for the event.

Ms. Preeti is an in mathematics from IIT Delhi with 12+ years of experience in top educational institutions and colleges. She is also an expert in Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning. 

She debunked the impossibility of ‘maths without Pen’ in a fascinating manner by referring to real-life examples of vendors who do it daily. She covered various Vedic maths tricks to demonstrate how it can be done easily with practice. According to her, “Maths, when done with visualisation makes concepts much easier to understand.” Various topics covered by her to equip the students with speed & accuracy include finding squares of numbers close to 100, base-100 multiplication, systematic ways to solve puzzles & also how the above tricks can be used for other numbers as well.

The importance of these tricks was stressed upon by our Principal as well, thus motivating students to apply these techniques so as to gain an edge in competitive exams. Then the webinar was concluded by presenting a vote of thanks to our eminent speaker by our honourable officiating principal. The success of the webinar was evident from the enthusiasm of SACCM students’ participation & various queries raised by them which the speaker beautifully answered, thus concluding the webinar with motivated students.