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Creativity and Performing Arts

Cultural Fest 12 culturalfest08092 culturalfest20101SACCM engages students in various creative activities to nurture and develop their artistic talents. The creative activities include: –

  • 1. Musical Events: These events are primarily oriented towards Light Music Vocal, Shabad/ Bhajan, Group Singing, Classical Vocal, Instrumental Music (Indian), Orchestra (Indian) and Group Folk Orchestra.
  • 2. Theatrical Events: These events cover Drama, Skit, Mime, Mimicry and Histrionics to showcase the dramatic talents of the students.
  • 3. Fine Arts Events: These events include Rangoli, Collage Making, Cartooning, Poster Making, On the Spot Painting, Clay Modeling and Mehndi Designing.
  • 4. Dance Events: The Dance Events covers Traditional forms of dances in Punjab i.e Bhangra and Giddha. Dance Items also covers Classical Dance and Group Dances.
  • 5. Literary Events: The Literary Events covers events like Debate, Elocution, Poem Writing, Poem Recitation, Essay Writing, Short Story Writing Competitions and Quiz.