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Sri Aurobindo college of commerce and management organized a one day workshop on “Discover The Power Within” under Shape the Mind Programme on 10.10.2021. The workshop was conducted by Mr. P.S. Rathore, CEO, Rathore Consulting, North Delhi. Mr. D.K. Sindwani, Secretary, Governing Body, SACCM formally welcomed the guest. The programme aimed to teach participants how to work with a variety of professionals, people, and groups to better understand the meaning of life and work in today’s world; how to improve their communication and interpersonal skills so that they can function effectively in professional and social settings; how to understand effective planning, time management, and implementation for setting and achieving both personal and professional goals; and how to learn to evaluate oneself (self-evaluation). Different books like Shiva Sutras and Samudra Manthan were recommended by the trainer. Afterwards, the trainer taught the importance of five fingers along with cleaning of 7 Chakras from the human body. Various practical sessions like Firewalk, glass walk and Mirror Matching were undertaken during this one day workshop. The workshop was well coordinated by Ms. Puja Jain. At the end, Dr. Marinal Gupta extended vote of thanks to the trainer for his valuable insights.